Symfony2 : A php framework part II

logo featureThis article is preceded by this one :Part I hereNow, we are going to speak about bundle, console, controller, view and model more in detail. The level will be higher that the Part I. For this article, we will take the other project used in the Part I.Don't forget that this series of articles are just an introduction. A lot of other funtionalities are available in Symfony2 and you can read the documentation which is really well explained. The goal here is to explain the basics for php developers who don't know this tools.I - ConsolII - Routes To ControlleIII - Controller To Vie... Continue reading »

Framework : A toolbox very useful

(This article is write in chinese here chinese version)If you are developer, you have probably already heard about Framework. Even, maybe have you already used one ? But if you don’t, don’t worry. This article will explain to you what it is. We will see also what are benefits and disadvantages of this tools, why it’s often a good choice for development and how choose the good framework for your project. I - What is it / What is its purpose II -... Continue reading »