Connect to a VPS

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a server installed on a partition of a physical server. We can find on this physical server multiple virtual servers, each one of them playing the role of an actual distinct server.

So each VPS (Virtual Private Server) maintains independent and stand-alone operations, providing a separate storage service, a set of applications, systems, configuration panels, processors, and access to its own RAM memory.

1- General Information:

After following the instructions below, you will be capable to connect to a virtual server using the Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

With this remote control connection, you will also be able to move different types of files between your Virtual Private Server and your own physical computer, without having to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software.

2- Connect to a Virtual Private Server from a Windows machine :

Here are the steps to follow to connect to a Virtual Private Server from a Windows using Remote Desktop Connection :

  • To find the shortcut for the Remote Desktop Connection, click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, and finally Remote Desktop Connection. To open Remote Desktop Connection directly, click on Start, and search for “mstsc”.
  • Enter the IP address of the existent server and then click on Connect.
  • Your Username has to be in this format: host-name \ administrator. All Virtual Private Servers follow the VPSXXXX format and the administrators passwords follow the vpsxxxxadmin.
  • After clicking on Connect, you will have to enter your Virtual Private Server password and click on the arrow next to Connect.

If you follow all these steps correctly, you will now be connected on the Virtual Private Server.

3- Connect to a Virtual Private Server from a Linux machine:

Linux has what we call the rdesktop. There is no need to install some software (for instance Virtual Network Computing Server) to connect to the windows machine. You will simply need an rdesktop client on your Linux system. Here are the steps to follow for a successful connection to a Windows Virtual Private Server from a Linux machine.

  • Open the Linux console from your local machine. If you do not have the rdesktop utility, use the following command to install it : apt-get install rdesktop. For the CentOS systems, you need to replace the “apt-get” with “yum”.
  • To connect to the windows system from Linux, execute the following command: rdesktop yourserverip -u AdminUsername -p AdminPassword.

You are now connected to the server.