Install Alcasar on Mageia 5

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On this tutorial, we will see how to install Alcasar.

At this point, you probably know what is Alcasar, but I will develop a bit for whoever in need.

Alcasar is a French free Network Access Controller which controls the Internet consultation networks. It attributes, authenticates and protects users access inattentive in their connected equipment. It also includes network filters for young people. In France, ALCASAR is really useful because he respects the French law of 2006 which ask to save the internet logs of everyone which shared your connection, if you are an enterprise.

We will only see the commands because Alcasar don’t need Gnome nor KDE.

Check the name of your usb key which have Alcasar on it :

fdisk -l

Mount your usb key (here /dev/sdb1) :

mkdir -p /home/usb

mount /dev/sdb1 /home/usb


Copy the Alcasar’s installation file on your root folder :

cp /home/usb/alcasar-* .

umount /home/usb


Unzip your archive :

tar -xvf alcasar-x.y.tar.gz

cd alcasar-x.y

sh -i

Write “Y” :

Wait the network configuration to finish :

The installation of some packages will get downloaded and installed, it will take some time.

Enter the name of your enterprise :

Define on what range Alcasar will have an effect :

Define the Admin account :

The installation is now complete, your system will be restarted and synchronizes with Alcasar :

Now your console will look like this :

This command ( will check if all the services of Alcasar is started.

Thank you for your attention, you now need to configure Alcasar for the need of your company.