Introduction to Bash on Ubuntu on Windows and How to install it

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Bash Ubuntu on Windows 10 : Windows users can have a beard now !!!!


First at all, it is not a question here of virtualization or even containers, but a lot of native functioning. Microsoft has worked on a set of components which establishes its Linux (WSL) sub-system to arrive at this result.

Introduced into the build 14316 of Windows 10 Redstone (1607), which is from now on accessible to all through Anniversary Update, Bash Ubuntu remains an optional element which it is necessary to set up manually.

Ok, OK I know it, but how I get it ? 

First of all, it is necessary to know that contrary to what you could think, it’s not reserved for the Professional or Enterprise version of Windows 10. Even the Family version can take advantage of it. Take note that a 64 bits’ version is needed.

This feature is on the other hand always in beta status and it is necessary to begin by activating the mode developer, what is made in a simple way:


Touch Windows + i

Go to Update

Go to Developer options

Enable developer Mode


This mode is indeed planned at first for those who want to develop applications and to use them before their on-line publishing, what is an advantage but also a risk if you get back and use a hostile application planned for Windows Store without paying it attention. Although it is not very probable, watch not to use a tool the origin of which you did not verify.


Once this stage was crossed; it will be necessary to activate the Linux sub-system. This time, it will take place in the old configuration panel. There also it is possible to reach simply the good menu, by typing “features” in the Start menu then by selecting ” Activate or deactivate Windows features “. A window will appear then at the bottom of which you will find the necessary option: you will then have to restart your machine. Once this makes, by typing “Bash” in the Start menu you will see a command to be executed. It will allow you to proceed to the download since Windows Store in the installation of Bash Ubuntu.

You will then have to choose a user name UNIX then a password. The bash will then be completely functional. You can use APT to update the version of used Ubuntu. It is always about 14.04 for the moment.

From then on, an application ” Bash Ubuntu ” will be available in your menu to start, and in every launch you will be connected with your UNIX account. If packages can be updated, it will be indicated to you. We can also launch several simultaneous terminals. You can navigate in the data of your Windows hard disks / mnt / c ” where the last letter is the one of the reader at whom you aim. On the contrary, you can find the data of the sub-system Linux via the Explorer Windows in the file ” C:\Users \ [User] \AppData\Local\lss “.

Naturally, everything will not be possible. Do not for example try to install Apache2 directly via APT, it will not work. But most of the online tools of command will be usable, like Lynx via vi.

Of what to help developers under Windows, been used to Linux, to take advantage of the simplicity of certain commands as curl or wget (for example) without having to look for a specific version or to use Cygwin.

Now you are free to try some Linux stuff without have a dual boot ! 

Enjoy !