SharePoint Summary of knowledge points

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After SharePoint Class , I make a summary about the knowledge points ,which will help you review the SharePoint.

Server farm deployment requires three accounts
SQL Server Service Account for sql server to run sql server services.
Setup User Administrator Account to install SP and set SP
Server Farm Account used by SharePoint
Three role-based tiers
Web server(s) prgcesses client requests
Application server(s) provide the service of an applicantion
Database server(s) store all of the data

SP Information Architecture—Objects

Web Application–>Content Database–>Stie collection –> sites–> lists and libraries–>items/Documents

SP server Preparation :
1.Database server
2.Web or application servers
3.Domain controller

SharePoint Update is a two-phase process
1.Update (patch) phase
In IIS terms
Web application = Website
Site subscriptions (optional) = Groups of site collections
Site collection = Virtual Directory
Site = A series of web pages

Application Pool is like resource pool , we can create a Application pool , group the applicaitons to work in pool , and let servers to work Application pool

A content database must be created for each Web Application

RB Storage: 远程存储 为了实现 RB Storage
RB Services: SharePoint provide us this Service so we can do RB Storage
RB Store: ADD-ON add this RB store feature to the database
Blob Store: 1 part metadata in the content database and 1 part for the folder in the disk to save the file ( RBS: containthe metadata( filename,file path…about the file) when user wants the file ,RBS will give the data and according to the data to find the file and send to user)

Secure Store Service : all users accounts will managed by SSS ,and SSS is where every credentials created and used by SharePoint saved.

App Management Service:
Supports apps hosted at different sources
2.Hosted in the cloud (Windows Azure auto-hosted)
3.Hosted in a SharePoint environment

Business Data Connectivity Service
Business Connectivity Services (BCS) enable SharePoint to connect to external data and services

External Content types : will (Define the Businsess data and how to get it ) be what Business data look like and just like a struct . is the group of Columns
Business Intelligence情报 Applications : get the data the company wants from much data . 数据挖掘,数据分析

Managed Metadata Service : is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define and use as attributes for items

term–> a word or phrase
term set –> a collection of related terms
term set scope –> define where term can used
local term sets can used for a site collection
Glaobal term set can used for all site collections
User Profile Service Application:
a page for user to show detail information about user

Search Service Application : to search
For search Service , supports a wide variety of configurations from a single server to a dedicated search farm
for search service servers:
1.Web server –> hosts seach Web parts
2.Application server –> can hosts all search components
3.Database server